because: …Focus is off …/ Value is not clear …/ They fail to stand out

All leading to an inevitable outcome for CEOs: .

Stress because competing on price feels like their only weapon Stress because they constantly struggle to meet growth expectations Stress because they see their runway evaporating like water in the sun

That’s why I founded Value Inspiration and wrote my book The Remarkable Effect — to help these stressed, burdened, and clouded CEOs fulfill their mission.

: A world where we solve bigger problems faster because more SaaS Startups gain traction sooner

: Help mission-driven SaaS CEOs create the SaaS business the world talks about.

? By giving you three ingredients to be different, not just better:

– : Close the gap on the 10 traits that define remarkable SaaS businesses – and become the SaaS business no one can ignore

: Build the foundation to create 1+1+1=10 leverage across product, marketing, and sales

: Avoid the critical mistakes others made and hear what you need to hear (not what you want to hear.)

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