Sparq360 helpt management om topprioriteiten te realiseren. Dit doen wij wereldwijd voor thema’s als engagement, operational excellence, supply chain en via board advisory. Met de dialoog oplossing (=next generation) kun je snel, eenvoudig en gericht een gesprek voeren over elk thema, met elk publiek. Eenvoudig verbinding maken met alle mensen, klanten en belanghebbenden.Sparq 360 and CircleLytics partnered to offer winning engagement solutions to increase trust, collaboration and a deep sense of purpose and direction with your employees. Trust is one of the most compelling sources of your employees’ true grit to make sustainable impact, together. We’ve proven to engage 10 to 10,000s of employees to the max, connect them, make them aware , re-think and be open minded for others and change. Sparq360 offers C-level and senior HR winning, game-changing solutions with a keen upfront plan to followup on results, implement change, and safeguard the highest engagement of employees during (continuous) change and transformation.

Zie bijgaand interview met Gert Askes, co-founder en CEO bij Sparq360. Contact hem direct.

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