My name is Joost van Dam and I’m a Utrecht (Netherlands) based HR Transformation specialist. After a succesful career in the energy business, I’ve decided to follow my passion and support organisations in transforming their HR practice. In previous roles I’ve supported organisations with their HR vision and mission, HR strategy and Target Operating Model. Since the beginning of 2020, employees have been forced to alter their way of working. The partial or full home office has become the new normal. This situation has resulted in several interesting things that from an HR perspective require close monitoring. To name a few:

  • Employees adapted to a new way of working.
  • Managers adjusted their leadership style.
  • Most people actually like to work from home

And what does this have to do with HR?

Well, everything. The sudden move to the home office was predominantly IT territory, securing data access, collaborative software, and reliable bandwidth access to company networks. The ‘soft reopening’ of companies over summer was mostly claimed by the Health Department, securing employee wellbeing in the office. But the 3rd wave is for HR. The return to the office is going to be a decisive moment for your workforce. If companies will try to put the genie back in the bottle as if it were 2019, they’re likely to upset part of their workforce. Taking back the (perceived) trust that has been gained without due dialogue is a recipe for dissatisfaction and reduced company loyalty. Both predictors of a well functioning and profitable company! At the same time, continuing as it is without further action will backfire in many cases as well. Think of your staff that actually does want to work from the office, creation of effective networks, driving creativity, and complex problem-solving. And let’s not forget the leadership element: Are your leaders fit to continue to successfully lead their teams in the new way of working?

There is no right or wrong answer to the question #returntotheoffice, but it’s how we get to the answers and how we act on these. And that’s where &able can support this #HRTransformation. We engage in a meaningful dialogue with your employees. Based on open questions, we try to understand their expectations and needs. With our dialogue model, we can secure a balanced, nuanced, and representative answer to your biggest concerns. We can support delivering on these needs through a network of partners that can help out with all the areas that may be affected. How do you formalise the new way of working legally? what are your obligations as an employer? But also, how do you have meaningful performance dialogues and cycles if we’re working more place independent? How do you prepare your leaders to foster the needed trust to secure meeting the company targets? And how do you onboard new employees when your office is half empty? Even more so, how do you connect your existing employees to the brand and purpose when they work from home?

Some of these answers may be obvious in your company. Some questions may be more difficult. That’s why &able provides you the support you need, and nothing else. There is no one-size-fits-all to this problem and so the commercial proposition is setup alike. We’re happy to meet and discuss your company’s challenges. Secure we may actually add value to one another. No charge, but a meeting of like minds that share an interest and see an opportunity to have HR as the strategic partner it ought to be at this time. If we take it further, we’ll start employee dialogues, tailored to your needs. Based on that we decide how to proceed. If you can deal with the findings internally, no problem. If you need support, happy to help.

If you want to know more or get in contact.

Zie bijgaand interview met Joost van Dam, founder bij &Able. Contact hem direct.

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