All leaders are currently engulfed by a business world which is constantly defined by new developments and disruptions. How can business leaders effectively engage with these often overwhelmingly big and complex business challenges? By discovering the hidden potential in your own organization to identify advantageous paths forward.

A recent McKinsey study pinpointed the benefits of such a way of doing things:

“In many organizations, the ideas for ‘little i’ innovation often come from the people closest to customers …. organizations that actively listen and act on recommendations from frontline employees are 80 percent more likely than others to consistently implement new and better ways of doing things.”

If this hidden potential is readily available in your organization, why withhold the advantage of the creative ideas of your employees and stakeholders to enhance your business practices?

Beyond providing a wealth of novel and actionable ideas, this hidden potential also offers valuable benefits:

• Enabling your business to act with agility
• Increasing your company’s RoI by adopting a process which deliver results quickly
• Revealing new business opportunities via an internal exploration of strategic business issues
• Bringing employees closer to decision-making to strengthen their engagement and stimulate employee retention
• Boosting employee satisfaction by providing a channel to voice their hopes and needs for the business.

Watch the 27 min recording HERE by Jeffrey Beeson, MBA/MA, from Ensemble Enabler, Munich, and Maurik Dippel, co-founder of CircleLytics ACI & Dialogue. Contact us directly, via our agenda.


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