CircleLytics’ platform enables you to put challenges, topics and any theme to groups of 10 to 100,000s of respondents. They go through a double-looped, synchrone, anonymous process to reflect on others’ contributions, re-think, vote and enrich. CircleLytics is the leading platform to turn unstructured feedback into structured insights, reports, graphs, etc. Based on the power and wisdom of the crowd, our in-house algorithms and artificial intelligence. But foremost: based on data created by a process of reflection and progressional thinking from your respondents. See our general brochure (in Spanish, in German).

You’re invited to join our Partner Program. Partners create sustainable, unique value for their customers, while internalising our platform in their approach. Our partners typically are known for key differentiators:

  • strong conviction to work bottom-up and top-down;
  • awareness of the necessity of engagement & trust of stakeholders, eg employees;
  • value-based consultancy instead of hit-and-run projects;
  • awareness of the intelligence and strength of technology and data;
  • become a company’s trusted advisor for prolonged, sustainable work relation;

View our one pager (in Spanish, in Dutch) and let’s discuss!

Maurik Dippel (US & Europe excluding Germany) or Theo van der Maas (Germany & China), via +31 (0)85-401 11 61 of

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