CircleLytics solved our issue of following up on our annual employee engagement survey. Now, we include employees in actually improving various challenges. They know better and driven to make their jobs a bigger success!
European Financial
Reflection on others is key to change: we challenge our teams monthly to solve our top 3 issues. First, within days, brilliant ideas are submitted. Again within days, reflection and re-thinking takes place and people start ranking the stars: that’s a whole new level of insights and their willingness to change their minds is simple the best.
HR Business Partner
Manufacturing company
We use dialogues to drive innovation. Every quarter we easily analyse root causes of delays, set smarter priorities and map our projects subsequently. We include our stakeholders, our employees and they love it.
Innovation Officer
Professional Services

We have various reference customers and cases to speed up your thinking and decision making regarding our platform. Please contact us, be inspired about the impact we make.

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