Are you consultant? We welcome new partners to our network. They apply the CircleLytics Dialogue Solution for their variety of projects for organizations. Projects can concern strategy, culture & values, D E& I, retention strategy, operational excellence, HR topics, quality, ICT, market & customer research, stakeholder management, network intelligence, academic research, and many more. In all instances it’s about change, and change is about people. CircleLytics connects people with people to your goals as consultant, to identify, solve, predict and improve things faster and better.

The CircleLytics Dialogue Solution is the easiest solution to engage any group size of people, asynchronously, and gain the deepest qualitative (and quantitative) insights, align thoughts, learn from ánd influence people’s behaviour.

The platform is at your fingertips and brings you: 

  • start off without any expenses with your own, branded, secure account
  • only pay for performed dialogues, and only when your customers paid you
  • get customers easier, keep them longer, and create more value
  • be innovative, data-driven
  • strong implementation based on strong buy-in and alignment.

As a partner, you’re fully supported and enabled to apply the dialogue instrument at no cost in your network and in your team.

Contact us now for a demo and introductory meeting.

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