Engagement and enthusiasm are created based on trust and whether employees are listened to. What is really going on in an organization and what do they find important? The why gives so much more information than just numbers. As a manager or HR department, you want to collect all available knowledge, experiences and ideas to be able to make better decisions. Based on deep insights, obtained in a people-centred, engaging way.


 “Manager: We shouldn’t just just measure involvement from HR’s point of view, we have to make sure we truly engage our management team. Connect employees with each other and gain insights that you didn’t have before. Challenge them, take them seriously and involve them in issues that really matter. This is how we will do it from now on.”


What can you expect?

Visibility for and involvement of employees. Transparent, accessible overviews and insights for your decisions. From HR and from managers and their teams. You will discover the power of people thinking and working together; the depth in addition to (for example through surveys) numerical overviews. The why behind the figures. After all, people are worth so much more and have so much more knowledge available together than can be expressed in figures. Based on this depth of insight, you will make qualitatively better and more supported choices. You will gain insight into the why by asking solid, open questions and, in a follow-up round, having the participants react to the answers from the first round. A dialogue is a collaboration between all participants, in which everyone can easily participate and feels safe to share ideas and change points of view. The real-time dashboard allows you to keep a clear overview and quickly come to well-founded decisions.


Moderne Medezeggenschap

Project or ongoing?

You can use the dialogue on a project basis or on an ongoing basis. In combination with surveys (follow-up) or as a replacement. An ongoing subscription ensures that you are and stay in dialogue, making continuous listening tangible. We can even set up a whole programme of dialogues for you, for the important subjects, targeted at the corresponding groups of employees. You can apply this solution if you haven’t done anything yet in the field of employee engagement & listening, but you can also use it as a supplement. After all, you want to start the dialogue and gain depth, after the survey. A simple ‘comment field’ in a survey and counting the answers yourself in excel is not enough. With our dialogue, employees will also learn to listen to each other and learn from each other: after all, you are here to work together, as a collective.

People officer: “The dialogue results in something completely new: employees who can rate each other’s answers anonymously. This is more accurate, and everything is neatly arranged in clear lists in my dashboard. This is possible with open answers. Weighed by the people themselves!”

For whom?

For management, HR, Works Councils, network organizations and governments. Even if you are currently using surveys, polls, video conferences and other forms of work, request the demo anyway. You will be surprised at the ease, the impact and the difference compared to other methods.

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