Every decision is about change and concerns people. The most intelligent, creative and human thing to do is to engage these very people to drive, enrich, underpin, improve and speed up these decisions. Nothing about the people, without the people.

CircleLytics ACI & Dialogue is a leading solution to have people collaborate, and collectively move forward faster, better. The diversity of their thinking, experiences, feelings, perceptions, and knowledge is an unprecedented power, and ignoring this, leaves you at risk of losing people’s commitment, trust and talent. Seizing it will get you a competitive advantage to create people-driven value. People are worth so much more than surveys or workshops understand.


What’s your role in your company, network or government institute? For every role, we’ve customer cases, many sample open-ended questions to design your challenges. Surveys, workshops, focus groups won’t bring you the results that dialogue, collaborative learning and collective intelligence in one go can. We are very much looking forward to exchange thoughts and listen to these challenges:

o CEO, director and board of directors

o CHRO, People Analytics officers and HR managers

o CIO, technology change managers

o Change, transformation officers and innovation manager

o Business & people managers

o Project managers

o Works council and special interest groups

o Marketing & Sales managers

o Consultants (internal or external)

o Researchers (internal, external, academics).

With CircleLytics Dialogue you can activate any group size at any time for any issue, have participants learn from each other, and get emergent results in real time. People are very grateful, experience to be trusted and listened to, are challenged and (to the extent you determine) are made co-responsible of the challenge you’ve put on the table.

Our view on people voice, is to re-install it as cornerstone to decision making. To make sure listening technology is
1) modernized, ie turned into dialogue and
2) enables leadership and (change) managers to swiftly emerge this elevated gate to intelligence and engagement.


Which of the above role do you fulfill? For each of these roles we have practical customer cases, 100s of sample open-ended questions to speed up the design of your challenge, and can get you started within 24 hours. Your results will come in the following days: brought about by the collective intelligence, creativity and cooperation of people. Groups from 10 to 10,000s. From their own place, at their own time. Asynchronous collaboration will lead modern leadership’s decision making. CircleLytics’ unique algorithms ensure that all qualitative (textual) contributions are analysed in real time and distributed amongst the participants. This ensures their learning, re-thinking, opening up to others, and validation of all contributions.

CircleLytics Dialogue gets you:

  • 60% more reliable and accurate than surveys
  • 90% faster time to action through instant validation, enrichment and prioritization
  • ensures a learning organization, beyond people’s own silos
  • produces a very positive experience: participants rate it with 4.3 (out of 5).

Contact us to get acquainted or to schedule a demonstration. You can use CircleLytics Dialogue for a project, program or for a longer period of time. For your team or department, or the entire organization. Fortunately, CircleLytics Dialogue users need little training to get started themselves, and no longer need Excel skills or other knowledge to get started with immediate results.

You can also use it for external groups such as customers, partners, members, patients and citizens. CircleLytics Dialogue is extremely flexible and requires no implementations nor interfacing with other IT systems unless you require so.

Do you discuss your challenge with us?

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