CircleLytics is a unique intervention on people’s behavior and thinking and activates mutual learning. Dialogues and co-creations through open questions unlock the collective awareness and intelligence of a group and are used by different people and from different angles / roles in organizations. This is important, because organizations, whether in healthcare, education, government or commercial organizations, are aiming to strengthen and connect people with each other, and them to issues that really matter. The two flexibly adjustable rounds and steps consist of:

o responses to open/closed questions by any group size
o reading, reflecting and validating a varied set of answers from others,
o the variety is driven by our AI,
o score it up or down, hence attribute sentiments
o choose words that matter most,
o enrich with explanation, action point or recommendation, and
o redo of original score on optional closed-ended question.

CircleLytics Dialogue is used with any group size, any topic, and its ease allows you to set up and go live with a dialogue in 10 minutes. Yourself. Think carefully about the context, ie. the framework within which your questions give direction ánd specific freedom to the participants involved. That can take some time, but you have to think about the essence. Our team, whitepaper with design principles for deliberate, open-ended questions and our library of well over 1,000 examples are happy to help you!

We share the applications below based on 1,000s of dialogues, with many 1,000s of challenges, held at 350+ different organizations. About strategic and policy issues, changes and transformation, operational excellence, breakthroughs, team performance, increasing trust, people’s well-being, retention, diversity, and many other meaningful issues. Here are some written cases from customers. With CircleLytics you can bring your group to work together inclusively, psychologically safe, from any location, at your own convenient time, while preserving everyone’s diversity. This working method brings you 60% more reliability, 90% faster action and 100% inclusion and diversity, with a 4.2 as a rating from 10,000s of people on a scale of 5 from participants.

Ways to apply CircleLytics:

o Large-scale interventions
o Research
o Dialogue
o Stakeholder dialogue
o Meeting
o Cross-silo learning
o Co creation
o To predict
o Training, Study Days & Coaching
o Scenario analysis
o Behaviour
o Brainstorm
o Risk analyses

Read more here. Would you like to schedule and discuss something with us right away? You can then book an appointment here in our agenda: on location or via video.


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