In our opinion, trust is the cornerstone of every relationship, also in your organization. Trust is not a given. You have to work on it, pay attention to it, understand it and develop it. Only then can you become a high-trust organization. Less absenteeism, more involvement and engagement and higher productivity. In a way that people really appreciate. Dialogue is inextricably linked to achieving and maintaining trust.

What is going well? And do you want to keep it that way? Where can you improve? What do you need to make this happen and what can you do yourself? We work together because we need each other to achieve goals, learn from each other and gain insight into the next steps. 85% of the work is done by teams. Even for self-reflection you need each other. It is valuable to understand how collaboration works and how it can be even stronger. Only then is optimization possible.

How do employees like working from home and do they feel safe enough to share how they experience these economically uncertain times, at a distance from colleagues and management? Engage in online discussions, listen to what is really going on and ask questions. Let employees come up with ideas together that will increase their motivation and commitment and make hybrid work a sustainable success. After all, hybrid work is about more than dividing days between home and office.

Organizations and people benefit from diversity and the inclusion of all. Anyone can participate in the CircleLytics dialogues and anonymity ensures that all opinions count, regardless of position, skin colour etc. A 100% guarantee of diversity & inclusion, with 0% concessions. Create connections between people through special dialogues that go straight through everything. Your team, department or organization will use the power of diversity for issues that matter.

Quickly, easily and safely consult all employees on important changes, regardless of the department they work in. Create broad support and high employee engagement by actively asking for their opinion and build on the knowledge, experience and ideas of all employees simultaneously for every opinion and initiative.

Engagement and enthusiasm are created based on trust and whether employees are listened to. What is really going on in an organization and what do they find important? The why gives so much more information than just numbers. As a manager or HR department, you want to collect all available knowledge, experiences and ideas to be able to make better decisions. Based on deep insights, obtained in a people-centred, engaging way.

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