The CircleLytics online dialogues ensure that diversity and inclusiveness are 100% guaranteed, with 0% concession. You can invite anyone to join the dialogue: teams, departments or the entire organization. Anonymity ensures that only opinions count, instead of someone’s position, role, hobby, skin colour, gender etc. Across departments or the entire organization.

Employees are facing unprecedented dynamics: working from home, economic uncertainty and health concerns. How do you ensure that employees remain mentally fit, that the stress does not lead to people dropping out, that they remain involved with the organization and with each other, and that they remain productive? Have you ever asked employees how they describe their feelings in these times in 5 words?

We believe that trust is the cornerstone of every relationship. With your partner, your colleagues, customers, members, patients, your family and friends. In the presence of trust, you can better cope with change, uncertainty and new developments, as well as with everyday work. Trust is not a given. You have to work at it, pay attention to it, understand it and develop it.

In cooperation, work and goals are created. Little comes from working alone. You need each other to learn, to achieve results and for self-reflection. That is why we live and work together in all kinds of forms, including organizations. Especially in changing environments and contexts, mutual cooperation is constantly in the spotlight.

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