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We learned that asking deliberate open-ended questions requires a curious mind, a growth mindset, and the right tooling for groups bigger than a handful, yet gives you a lot in return:

  • stronger relations and engagement with people you care about
  • deeper, qualitative insights into any matter you ask questions about
  • faster, supported decisions and implementation
  • openness to change
  • finally … leaving survey fatigue behind based on deliberate closed-ended questions 😉

Request here your demo to learn how the CircleLytics Dialogue is the perfect match for asking open-ended questions.

Are you a consultant, and keen on something other than workshops or surveys? We perfectly understand and developed our partner program to make sure CircleLytics delivers more value for your customers.

Any other question? Just contact Maurik Dippel.

Here’s our explainer video to learn about asking open-ended questions to large groups of people.

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