The CircleLytics online dialogues ensure that diversity and inclusiveness are 100% guaranteed, with 0% concession. You can invite anyone to join the dialogue: teams, departments or the entire organization. Anonymity ensures that only opinions count, instead of someone’s position, role, hobby, skin colour, gender etc. Across departments or the entire organization.

Sample questions:

Are you taken seriously in this organization? Please explain.

Can you safely express your concerns to your supervisor? Please explain.

Through monthly or quarterly dialogues, for example, you can handle and solve all kinds of topics in a D&I-friendly way. Together.

Think of topics such as D&I, how open-minded employees find themselves and each other, the steps that can be taken to increase our ability to listen, etc. This may also concern completely different topics. The CircleLytics technique organizes and facilitates these D&I dialogues.

The modern, secure technology of CircleLytics allows you to conduct online dialogues without restrictions. Restrictions are a thing of the past. People want to participate; they want to be taken seriously.

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Sample questions:

Do you experience that you have the same career opportunities as others in similar situations in our organization? Please explain.
Do you experience that others have the same career opportunities as you do? Please explain.

The dialogue takes place in 2 rounds. The 1st round gives everyone an equal opportunity, equal writing space and time, to think, express opinions and respond. The 2nd round ensures that the diversity of opinions from the 1st round is enriched by others, and the most valuable, scarcest and least valuable opinions become easily visible.

Sample questions:

What does diversity mean to you? Please explain.
How open-minded do you consider us when it comes to new perspectives and how can we improve this?

The dialogues are scalable, accessible and completely anonymous. And, very importantly, participants reflect on and enrich each other’s opinions. They meet other colleagues without seeing them, which results in very special, wonderful, important and connecting dialogues.

Organizations such as the National Police, Fivoor, Reclassering NL, Unilever and ING conduct dialogues in this D&I-proof manner with 100s to 10,000s of people on a wide range of subjects. These participants all have an equal chance to participate, give their opinion and enrich and reflect on other opinions in the 2nd round. Anonymity ensures that people do not influence each other. This is humanly and scientifically important to ensure creativity and psychological safety.

Scalability means that you can run the dialogues with small groups (as small as 5) up to very large groups of 10,000. A team, a department, a business unit or even your entire organization. The online dialogue simply works via the Internet, the ‘cloud’. Organizations do not have to install anything. Just log in, start your dialogue and invite participants. Anyone who is invited by you can join.

The CircleLytics online dialogue is open to anyone invited by you. As a participant, you simply join via a link, a personal invitation, an SMS, and a QR code. Participants do not have to download anything, nor do they have to create an account or connect to all kinds of social media. Any browser and any device or laptop/PC is sufficient. Participants take part in 2 rounds, which may take a couple of days. There is no time pressure from a workshop, meeting or other type of approach.

Time for reflection guarantees reflection, contemplation and participation. Listening to each other and enriching each other’s opinion are also guaranteed in this way, producing a cast-iron result. No one’s background, hierarchy, skin colour, age, etc. is important. That is true accessibility. Only your opinion counts and in the 2nd round, what you think of other opinions counts.

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CircleLytics partners can help you with dialogues, design of entire programmes, D&I strategy and policy, or you can contact us first.

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