Employees are facing unprecedented dynamics: working from home, economic uncertainty and health concerns. How do you ensure that employees remain mentally fit, that the stress does not lead to people dropping out, that they remain involved with the organization and with each other, and that they remain productive? Have you ever asked employees how they describe their feelings in these times in 5 words?

In the second round of the dialogue, employees can anonymously score and select recognizable words. Now you can find out exactly what is going on underneath the surface at home.

Tired of corona surveys? Tired of smileys, scores and multiple-choice answers? So are employees. So are managers. So is HR. Who isn’t? And not because of the length of surveys. Surveys just don’t like opinions; they don’t listen to employees, while this is the time to really ask employees how they are doing. They need to have their opinion, their experience and their idea heard. Then you’ll know what to do next. With CircleLytics dialogues, you also listen to the participants in the 2nd round. This will result in a top 5. You will notice that in the end they support other opinions more than their own. We call this intelligence of the group.

Sample questions:

Which area is currently mostly impacted by corona? Please explain.
What is the biggest challenge in managing teams when working from home and why?
What do you need extra to be a good leader and why?

As you can see, these dialogue questions can be made specific for target groups such as managers, or for employees of a certain organizational unit, or for everyone. You decide.

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Sample questions:

What is your impression of your people’s wellbeing today? Please explain.
To what extent is information from management clear and available to you (score between 1 and 10)? Please explain.
How involved and motivated are you in your role as manager at the moment (score between 1 and 10)? Please explain.
In your opinion, which tasks can hardly/not fully be done at home and why?
In your opinion, which tasks can be done excellently/completely at home and why?

Corona dialogues are not only about the present; they also focus on the future. We learn a lot from the resilience and agility of ourselves, our teams, organizations and markets. We can learn where we are rigid and where we turn out to have a growth mindset. Your organization can decide for itself which of the dozens of corona-related questions are suitable, and our partners can also help. You can cleverly repeat dialogues, because you usually only apply 1-5 questions. You can also add quantitative scales. In the 2nd round, people start responding to each other and think differently on closer inspection. And that is exactly what you want to accomplish.

Sample questions:

What do we learn most from working from home that will benefit our organization in the future? Please explain with a recent, concrete example.
What do we learn most from working from home about collaboration in our organization? Please explain.
What do we learn most about ‘remote management’ that could benefit your fellow managers? Please explain.

The CircleLytics dialogues ensure that listening to participants takes place. The participants also listen (anonymously) to each other through a unique second round; they learn from it and give their appreciation through a score. This allows you to immediately see a hot topic in your results, and why and what can be improved.

Sample questions:

What developments do you see in the market in the next 6 months and why?
What developments do you see in the market that we are not (yet) responding to and why?
What do you need more from the organization at the moment and why?
What can our organization improve to increase your engagement and why?
How do you rate your happiness at work at the moment (between -3 and +3) and what is your tip to increase this?
How do you rate your work pressure at the moment (between -3 and +3) and what is your tip to improve this?

Stay in dialogue with each other and with employees. If you want to know more about the corona questions we have ready for you, questions you can put together yourself or about guidance from our partners, please contact us directly.

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